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Mass Notification

global-blue-dvbe-body-image-7Phone trees are becoming a thing of the past. Paging systems are not reliable and often unavailable. Global Blue DVBE offers a system that guarantees automatic and timely delivery of your messages to multiple communication devices.

Global Blue DVBE’s enterprise mass notification solution enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. Whether it’s an emergency or a non-emergency, our reliable notification systems keep everyone informed throughout an event.

For example, our system notifies customers of service outages, gas leaks, etc. through GIS-directed pre-recorded messages. These notification solutions improve customer satisfaction, lessening call center volume and creating significant cost savings through proactive alerts. We offer both hosted and standalone solutions.

Our mass notification services are:

  • Scalable – We can serve 10,000 to 5,000,000 end users.
  • Robust – We offer fully redundant meeting .99999 availability.
  • Flexible – We are custom and customer supplied app compatible.
  • Affordable – There are no hardware or software updates required. We offer “pay as your grow” options.

The government, public safety, healthcare, utilities (oil & gas), and educational industries all benefit from our mass notification services. Large groups of people can receive emergency notifications, outage updates, smart grid updates and status, and billing notifications. Effective communication, dispatch, tracking, and news updates are some of the benefits of using our products.

To learn more about our mass communications solutions, contact Global Blue today.