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3D Modeling

global-blue-dvbe-body-image-1Global Blue DVBE delivers highly accurate HD 3D models of existing infrastructure (as-built). We create models that yield clear-cut, defined CADD drawings with elevations, high resolution renderings, walk through animations, and other 3D visualization intelligence. We offer a full range of integration and implementation services that will not only add value, but enhance building design, construction and facility management capabilities. These models better assess facility planning, construction activity and potential security threats for crisis planning purposes.

We provide affordable HD 3D quality model solutions to our healthcare, public safety, commercial real estate/property management, construction, and education customers.  Our services support Go Green initiatives, ADA compliance and luminosity modeling. Additionally, these models help public safety municipalities meet Infrastructure Protection Plan goals and objectives outlined by the Department of Homeland Security.

Our HD 3D modeling solutions at a glance:

  • Provide onsite assessment and consultation
  • Capture/gather site (exterior and interior) assessment information based on customer’s scope of work
  • Deliver highly accurate 2D and 3D building/infrastructure assessment information (digital form and “as-built drawings”) for both exterior and interior
  • Provide detailed documentation of process used to obtain building/infrastructure information and identify key Meta data (i.e. gas, electrical and water shutoffs, etc.)
  • Provide detailed set of Auto-CAD drawings
  • Design “what if” modeling
  • Provide rendered images that allow customers to visualize proposed changes
  • Provide HD renderings of buildings (import to customer’s CAD system)
  • Train customer personnel how to use 3D models

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